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    It All Starts With
    Resistant Starch

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      Powerful prebiotic fiber

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      Tons of clinical research

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      Naturally available in plants

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      Hard to get in diets

    Resistant starch is a powerful prebiotic fiber that works through the gut to drive marked improvements in health, and is packed into every Supergut product. These results are backed by more than 200 peer-reviewed studies and our own gold-standard clinical trial.


    how resistant starch works

    how supergut works

    Resistant starch gut

    Resistant Starch Feeds Your Gut

    Bypasses digestion to help curb cravings and avoid spiking glucose, then feeds the good bacteria in your gut.

    Resistant starch microbiome

    Changes the Gut Microbiome

    Strengthens your gut and naturally produces powerful metabolic byproducts, like butyrate.

    Resistant starch metabolism

    Reboots Your Metabolism

    Naturally stimulates hormones that regulate insulin response and appetite, inflammation and immune response, sleep, and more.

    Our Proprietary Resistant
    Starch Fiber Blend

    We only use the highest-quality sources of prebiotic fiber with ultra-high concentration levels of resistant starch in our proprietary Supergut Resistant Starch Fiber Blend.

    Supergut is the only way to get a high amount of resistant starch in your diet in a delicious and effective way.

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    Our Resistant Starch Fiber Blend Sources

    Unripened Green Bananas

    These are an excellent source of resistant starch and is the superstar prebiotic fiber powering Supergut shakes. It helps stabilize your blood sugar and improve your gut microbiome which helps supercharge your overall health.

    Resistant Potato Starch

    This is truly a rockstar in terms of improving digestion, insulin sensitivity, blood sugar, and colon health. It is gluten-free, has been shown to keep you full longer, promotes weight loss, and positively affects overall health.

    Oat Beta Glucan

    These have been a staple of healthy diets for years. They are chock full of prebiotic fiber which helps stabilize blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and strengthen the walls of your intestines. They are basically the original superfood.

    Soluble Vegetable Fiber

    Curb your sneaky snack cravings with this powerful fiber that helps you stay fuller longer and also helps prevent the dramatic peaks and valleys in blood sugar due to snacking.

    Powered by 200+ Clinical Studies


    100% science based. Supergut's ability to improve your metabolic health, gut health, and overall wellness are validated by over 200 clinical studies. We scoured the research so you don't have to.

    Learn more about our own Clinical Study.

    Blood sugar See all 104 studies
    Weight Loss See all 53 studies
    gut health &
    See all 27 studies
    Cholesterol See all 20 studies

    Want to see how Resistant starch can fit into your health goals?

    Answer a few simple questions and learn how resistant starch can transform your health & metabolism.

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