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    Learn how and why we carefully select Supergut's real-food ingredients.

    • All Natural
    • Meticulously sourced
    • Clinically proven
    Unripened Green Bananas

    Improve gut health and lower blood sugar with the prebiotic resistant starch fibers in unripened bananas.


    Don’t sacrifice flavor with this keto-friendly sweetener that tastes like sugar but has almost zero calories.

    Oat Beta Glucan

    Help control your blood sugar and reduce cholesterol with the prebiotic power of oats.

    made with natural ingredients

    From Allulose to Zinc

    Natural Ingredients with Powerful Results

    If you're looking to reclaim and sustain your health, you've come to the right place. Supergut delivers change you can feel and results you can measure.

    • Balance Gut Biome
    • Curb Cravings & Manage Weight
    • Stablize Blood Sugar
    • Enhance Energy & Sleep
    • Regulate Digestion
    • Improve Immunity & Inflammation

    From Nature to Your Doorstep

    We carefully and meticulously scour the globe for the absolute best, all-natural ingredients that have clinically-validated health benefits.

    And we hand-select ingredients like unripened green bananas for their incredible ability to balance the gut microbiome, and optimize weight, blood sugar and more. Our sourcing philosophy is based on more than 200 clinical studies so you can feel confident that Supergut is working for you.