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    What you get:

    3 months of 1:1 coaching sessions and support, goal tracking and help setting/reaching blood sugar and weight goals, daily SMS reminders, access to a personalized coaching dashboard, and 12 weeks worth of exclusive, supportive content!

    Personal access to a Muniq Certified Health Coach, trained to work with you to get even more health improvements over 3 months.

    The entire Muniq Health Coaching Pilot Program is completly FREE. All we ask is that you provide honest feedback and engagement throughout the 3-month program.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to for help.

    Meet the Coaches

    Elisa Zuniga

    Elisa Zuniga

    “I’m a nutritionist from Chile trained by medical doctors. I’m devoted to helping you to live a healthier life and reaching your goals with Muniq!”

    Monique Soto

    Monique Soto

    “I’m trained by both medical doctors and registered dieticians, and my goal is to have the most positive impact that I can on the lives of the people that I work with!”

    *The Muniq Health Coaching Trial Program is only available to first- time Muniq subscription orders only. Exlcudes one-time orders.

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    Made with prebiotic
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    Bake into pancakes and muffins
    Bake into pancakes and muffins
    Bake into pancakes and muffins
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    Protein 15g 10g 0g
    Calories 190 140 15
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    Jaclyn B.

    Filling, delicious, and so much more

    I've been drinking these shakes as a meal replacement and have been loving them! They keep me full, taste great, help with digestion & more!

    Jaclyn B.
    Gage R.

    My body has never felt better

    “I love what it’s doing to my body! Getting a full reboot of my metabolism, regulates my digestion and strengthens my gut biome.”

    Gage R.

    I've lost weight

    I don't feel as hungry and the fiber helps with digestion. I've lost weight combined with daily exercise.

    Nick V.
    Cayla H.

    The best way to start my day

    "I’ve been starting my day with Supergut and I’ve noticed a tremendous difference. I have more energy and less cravings throughout the day.”

    Cayla H.

    Gut health improved tremendously

    I feel more energetic and my gut health has improved tremendously. Also my glucose levels are in range.

    Janet D.
    Angela P.

    Supergut gives me what I need

    My daily Supergut gives me what I need. It helps manage my blood sugar, strengthens my gut, and I can go four hours without hunger pains!

    Angela P.

    Less hunger and better sleep!

    I am getting good results: more steady blood sugar numbers, less hunger, and better sleep!

    Manuel S.

    I drink Supergut for optimal health

    Having a healthy gut is crucial for optimal health. What we eat determines how well our digestion works. That’s why I drink Supergut!

    Manuel S.

    A game-changer for keto

    I follow a Keto lifestyle but struggle with regular/daily bowel movements. Then I discovered Supergut. It’s a game changer for my lifestyle and health.

    Denise L.

    My A1C went down 4 full points

    I love the results! I have lost 10 pounds, my A1C is down to 9 from 13.1 and my glucose is down to 112 from over 300!! I am sooooo happy with these results.

    Amy J.
    Alice T.

    A game-changer for gut health

    I’ve been drinking Supergut Prebiotic Shakes & let me tell you they’ve been a game-changer with supporting my gut health!

    Alice T.

    Better sleep and cholesterol

    I found Supergut and continued working with a trainer. My A1C went to 5.9, I lost 35 pounds, and my blood pressure, cholesterol, and sleep apnea all improved!

    Jim G.

    Blood sugar is steady after only a week

    I have been drinking the shakes for only a week now and have noticed my blood sugar holding a steady pattern.

    Brion G.
    Kirbi S.

    The answer to so many problems

    I’ve been learning about how the gut plays an integral role in my overall health. This could be the answer to so many prayers!

    Kirbi S.

    Research has connected the gut microbiome to many aspects of health. Fiber, especially resistant starch, may be key to unlocking its potential.

    Chris Damman, M.D., M.S.

    Chief Medical & Scientific Officer, Supergut
    Clinical Gastroenterologist
    Former microbiome lead, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    Chris Damman. Chris Damman.
    Marc Washington

    Inspired by family,
    built by science

    I started Supergut in memory of my beloved sister, Monica, to empower everyone to reclaim and sustain control over their bodies. We work tirelessly to be the most evidence-based and transformative food company in the world.

    Marc Washington, Founder & CEO